Donkervoort & Wajer Yachts: Amphibian speed filming

September 7, 2020

Speed, danger and precision. When we run projects like Donkervoort super sports cars and Wajer Yachts, we come face-to-face with our passions and addictions.

From leaning out of fast moving vehicles to performing drone stunts, we love what we do. Our creative process tends to look at the undone and elements that catch more of our own attention. When structuring shots and studying products, we look at how we can highlight the attributes and functionalities as well as possible through visuals.

For projects that entail luxury and speed, we tend to look at motion and experience. Translating that through complex filming and editing takes a while, but the result is valuable.

Our latest Donkervoort production has generated 100k+ views and engagements.

Stay tuned for updates on all that we have to offer and more.

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