Why we practice the 8 second rule...

July 24, 2020

Well here you are, reading this article and its 2020. The new generation is slowly taking the lead and you just realised that we are talking of Generation Z. And the surprise is this: You have 8 seconds to tell them what you do.

Is it attention, interest or simply an overload of content out there… who knows. The point is, you have 8 seconds to generate interest, provide gratification and call to action, after that you might have lost them.

And that is why your next marketing campaign should be short, impressive and compelling to your audience. We have often advised for in-depth audience analysis in order to produce the right content. The way that it is done, is to slim-down your offering into a few shots that express the key elements that should be known by or should impress the audience.

Should you be interested in planning your next content production with us. Give us a buzz and let's plan-in a session.

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