Donkervoort JD70 R

Stronger, Safer, Faster

Client: Donkervoort

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development

Rules. This car does not follow them, it breaks them. The roar of its engine alone makes the racetrack tremble. Its speed makes it impossible to follow. Its colours signal victory at all costs.

The production of the JD-70R comercial was driven by a mix of creativity and technique. We used a variety of film production assets including a drone and the Arri Alexa.

When you are working on a project involving speed, the job entails perspective and fine editing. The production and editing team have to make sure of product visibility. In addition, there is a great effort set in the synchronising of movement, sound-effects and music.

Understanding the underlying product is important for what we call production mathematics. You need to factor-in what makes it unique and how to record that.

All in all, a beautiful project and a real killer track super-car.

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The Netherlands

Grutterij 2 | 1185 ZV, Amstelveen | Noord-Holland, the Netherlands.


Postfach 1 | 3925, Grächen | Wallis, Switzerland.