Olympiade Amstelveen | Provast

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Client: Provast

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development

Wonder what 3D animation looks like at its finest. This is it. This Provast project, was a collaboration to realise a set of images having for purpose to promote a non-finalised development. The feeling of home. The feeling of comfort. Animating this took drone imagery and 3D animation. The second their website went live, they skyrocketed in visits and messages from future tenants and owners.

What are the benefits of 3D animation in this case? Well quite a few, as visuals affect everything. The investors, architects, future buyers and media all absorbed this content. Wether it was made to give a visual, objective or beautiful piece of news, this project resulted in a successful pre-sale campaign.

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The Netherlands

Grutterij 2 | 1185 ZV, Amstelveen | Noord-Holland, the Netherlands.


Postfach 1 | 3925, Grächen | Wallis, Switzerland.